Code Laboratory 2

The now-complete lineup for the online festival will feature:

  • Celebrated modern tap dancer Ayodele Casel performing Oscar Joy. This effervescent and virtuosic solo, filmed at Casel’s home dance studio, Original Tap House in the Bronx, premiered at this summer’s Virtual Fire Island Dance Festival.
  • Broadway performer and choreographer Billy Griffin sharing Is That All There Is?, performed by West Side Story’s Ricky Ubeda at the 2018 edition of Hudson Valley Dance Festival.
  • Stephen Petronio Company artistic director Stephen Petronio presenting Are You Lonesome Tonight. The piece, filmed at his private Petronio Residency Center in Round Top, NY, features Lloyd Knight, guest artist from Martha Graham Dance Company, and Stephen Petronio Company member Nicholas Sciscione. The dance film premiered at this summer’s Virtual Fire Island Dance Festival.
  • Dancer and choreographer Jamar Roberts presenting Cooped, an artistic response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of a person of color that he describes as “an imaginatively potent fever dream.” The piece, commissioned by Works & Process at the Guggenheim Museum, received acclaim from The New York Times.
  • Caleb Teicher, founder of Caleb Teicher & Company, sharing Tee Time, an outdoor solo safely filmed at Kaatsbaan Summer Festival in Tivoli, NY, in September, featuring American Ballet Theatre’s Catherine Hurlin.
  • New York City Ballet soloist and choreographer Peter Walker presenting his ethereal Words in the Fire, performed at last year’s Hudson Valley Dance Festival with New York City Ballet’s Daniel Applebaum and Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Christopher D’Ariano.
  • Acclaimed choreographer Adam Weinert sharing an excerpt from MONUMENT. The dance, filmed in Hudson, New York, seamlessly integrates legendary modern dance movement with original contemporary choreography and reexamines a nostalgia for Americana.